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Potential of Ukrainian food processing industry 

     Events: INPRODMASH 2018
    27th International Trade Fair of Equipment and Technologies for Food Processing Industry
      UPAKOVKA 2018
    19th International Trade Fair of Equipment and Materials for Packaging

     Dates: 11-13 September 2018

     Organizer:  ACCO International

    In association with:  Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine;
    UKRKHLIBPROM Association of Bread Baking Industry Enterprises;
    UKRKONDPROM Association of Manufacturers of Confectionery, Concentrate and Starch Industries of Ukraine;
    UKRMOLPROM National Association of Milk Manufacturers of Ukraine;
    UKRMYASO National Association of Meat and Meat Product Manufacturers

    The Ukrainian Food Technology Week will be traditionally held on 11–13 September in Kyiv. Its key components are INPRODMASH, UPAKOVKA, SWEETS Ukraine and BAKERY Ukraine, the leading food industry trade fairs.

    Food industry is the focus area for the entire agricultural sector. It creates additional value, thus enriching the country. Under current conditions, it is not enough just to produce raw materials; our task is to orient the economy towards domestic food production. Our priorities include not only the European quality standards but also the European lifestyle with such values as healthy and balanced nutrition, organic production and support of local food production traditions.

    Further growth of food industry and competitiveness of domestic food products inherently involve upgrade of equipment and introduction of the latest technologies being the result of innovative research of scientist and scientific teams.

    INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA trade fairs are a unique platform demonstrating the best scientific achievements of global leaders in the fields of equipment, technologies and materials (including packaging ones) for food processing industry. This is a perfect opportunity for communication of leading experts from all around the world, search for new partners and establishment of new business contacts to transfer innovations.

    Equipment, inventory and materials for various food industry sectors (meat processing, dairy, oil-and-fat, fish, bakery and confectionery, grocery, canning, etc.) as well as for cattle and poultry farms will be showcased at INPRODMASH. There also will be suppliers of materials and ingredients (including functional and flavor additives) for food manufacturing.

    Modern packaging equipment, technologies and materials for both large and small production companies as well as filling and packaging lines for retail and catering companies will be exhibited at UPAKOVKA.

    Both new and reconditioned, process and auxiliary equipment, components and services will be offered. Visitors will have the opportunity to study the existing market offers of equipment and technologies, effective industrial standards.

    Technologies and equipment for milling, baking and confectionery industry will be showcased at BAKERY Ukraine. Confectionery products and ingredients will be exhibited at SWEETS Ukraine.

    Business program will include the following events:

    Sweet Triumph, Professional Tasting Competition of Confectionery Products

    Packaging Triumph, Competition of Confectionery Packaging

    Tasting Competition of Breads and Pastries.

    The Ukrainian Food Technology Week is annually attended by over 7,000 professionals employed in various food industry sectors and agricultural sector. The most of them attend the trade fairs regularly to keep abreast of technological novelties and meet their partners. Thus, the   Ukrainian Food Technology Week is a unique interaction platform for manufacturers, suppliers and customers from all food industry sectors.


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