Exhibitors at the Ukrainian Food Technology Week 2018




  • AGROGEST UKRAINE – supply of food processing equipment by leading European manufacturers, turnkey projects
  • AM2C, France – meat-bone mechanical separators and complete separating lines, deboners and deboning lines
  • AQUA INDUSTRIAL WATERTREATMENT, the Netherlands – treatment of industrial wastewater, mainly in the food related industries
  • BAKITO, Ukraine – bakery and confectionery equipment, ingredients
  • BRAMA-R, Ukraine – technical doors and speed gates
  • CHUMAKI IN CHINA, Ukraine – food processing equipment by Chinese manufacturers
  • CLEVER TECH, Ukraine – manufacture of food processing equipment and its components
  • DECRUST, Poland – professional and household chemicals for any industries
  • DEMIX, Ukraine – a wide selection of loading equipment of global TM
  • DGS PROCESSING SOLUTIONS, the Netherlands  –  complex solutions for slaughtering and meat processing
  • DICKIES CHEF, Ukraine  – workwear for restaurant and hospitality industry
  • DIFCO INTERNATIONAL, the Netherlands     development and management of milk and meat production projects in emerging markets 
  • DUBNOTECH, Ukraine – manufacture of dairy equipment
  • DUKA PRODUCTION, the Netherlands – innovative solutions for water purification and disinfection
  • E. VAN WIJK GROUP, the Netherlands – sustainable and cost-effective logistics solutions
  • EAST NETHERLANDS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (OOST NV), the Netherlands – helps entrepreneurs to innovate, invest and internationalize
  • ELPRESS, the Netherlands – industrial hygiene solutions, cleaning systems development
  • FASA, Lithuania – equipment for small and mid-sized dairies
  • FOOD TECH ENGINEERING, Ukraine – a wide range of process equipment, spare parts, consumables and accessories for foor industry enterprises
  • FREGAT, Ukraine – wheel producer, official distributor of TORWEGGE GmbH&Co (Germany) in Ukraine
  • GRIMCO TRADE HOLLAND, the Netherlands – sales agent for Dutch exporters of foodstuff & drinks; representative of Dutch suppliers of equipment for food processing industry and packaging solutions
  • GROUP OF FOOD SYSTEMS, Ukraine – technological and technical support, equipment supply services and ready-made solutions for food processing industry
  • HOS, the Netherlands – used and reconditioned equipment for cooling and freezing
  • IMPEXMASH, Ukraine – production of equipment for bakery and confectionery industries
  • INOX TIME, Ukraine – manufacture of stainless steel process equipment and accessories for food processing industry
  • INTERMIK, Ukraine – implementation of integrated projects of primary and advanced processing
  • JOHN BEAN TECHNOLOGIES, Sweden customized industrial solutions for food processing industry
  • KIREMKO, the Netherlands – the entire range of equipment for potato processing and production of intermediate potato products
  • KOMPO, Trade House, Ukraine – equipment and consumables for food processing industry
  • LEKKERKERKER DAIRY & FOOD EQUIPMENT, the Netherlands – reconditioning of used dairy machines
  • LENSSEN TRADING COMPANY, the Netherlands – used machinery and equipment for food, beverage, canning, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging industries
  • LENSSEN VUL- EN SLUITTECHNIEK, the Netherlands – new twist-off machines and rebuilding of used equipment for food, beverage and canning industries
  • MAREL MEAT, the Netherlands – slaughtering and meat processing lines and machines; intra-logistics systems for the food industry
  • MATIMEX-UKRAINE – sale, installation, commissioning and maintenance of meat industry equipment
  • MCH ENGINEERING, Ukraine – elements of heating systems, internal and external water supply systems
  • MEAT TECH, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • MEDASEPT UKRAINE – protective and medical gloves
  • MEGA-TEX, Ukraine – meat industry equipment
  • MIG UKRAINE – meat processing equipment, bakery and pasta  equipment, etc.
  • MPS VEGA, Ukraine - industrial flooring for food processing enterprises
  • MUSH COMB, the Netherlands – equipment for mushroom growing, composting and casing handling
  • Mykhailiuk Maksym, IE, Ukraine – design and manufacture of confectionery equipment
  • MULTIVAC UKRAINE - sale of manufacturing, packaging, cutting and weight labeling equipment, consumables for meat and cheese production 
  • OMIDI, Germany – manufacture of food processing machinery for confectionery industry
  • PLASTIC FROST, the Netherlands – innovative products for frozen food industry
  • POLTAVA MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT – machines and devices, complete lines and plants for meat and poultry processing
  • PROXIMA GmbH, JV, Ukraine – meat processing equipment, equipment for the production of sausages and meat products; seasonings and marinades
  • R.P.S., Ukraine – equipment for mini bakeries, confectionary and bakery factories. Machines for packing food and non-food products: flow-pack machines, shrink machines
  • RBK FOOD PROJECT, the Netherlands – engineering, IT and consulting company specialized in fresh foods
  • SELO B.V., the Netherlands – smart processing equipment for mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and ready meals production
  • SEYMAG MAKINA, Turkey – manufacture of meat processing machinery
  • SITIBIZ, Ukraine – manufacture and sale of professional detergents, disinfectants and liquid soap
  • SORMAC, the Netherlands – manufacture of vegetable processing equipment
  • SPETS-MASH-SERVICE, Ukraine – components and consumables for technological equipment for meat processing and dairy industries
  • STANCO GROUP, MNVK, Ukraine – equipment for liquid and viscous products filling into consumer packaging
  • STEINER UKRAINE – engineering and consulting in the field of food production, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • TECHNIK, Ukraine – screw-type equipment for fine-grain bulk foods transporting, flour and sugar sifters
  • TECHNOLOG, Ukraine – equipment for food processing industry
  • TECHNOWOOD, Ukraine – equipment for automatic smoking, heating and processing of meat, fish and milk products
  • TECHPRILAD, Ukraine – industrial valves for steam and thermal oil applications
  • TEKNOFOOD UKRAINE – representative of ROCKGATE GROUP made up of 4 Italian manufacturers of equipment for chocolate and confectionery industry
  • TOLSMA GRISNICH GROUP, the Netherlands – integrated solutions and equipment for storage of and handling vegetables
  • UKRMINGLASS, Ukraine – glass, shot and sand blasting services
  • UKRPRODMASHBUD, Ukraine – manufacture of high-tech equipment for bakeries and confectioneries
  • UKRSUSHKA, Ukraine  – infra-red drying equipment
  • ULTRA, Ukraine  – sausage syringes
  • UNIFREEZING, the Netherlands – industrial cooling and freezing systems
  • VACUUM BARRIER SYSTEMS, Belgium – liquid nitrogen dosing equipment, liquid nitrogen systems for beverage and food industry
  • VACUUM TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors
  • ZEUS, Ukraine – weight lifting machines by various manufacturers


  • AGRO-VECTOR, Ukraine – natural and artificial sausage casings by foreign manufacturers
  • CASETEX, Ukraine – manufacture and sales of artificial sausage casings
  • GRAND CASING, Ukraine – natural and artificial sausage casings, edible sausage casings, clips and loops
  • VTR, Ukraine – edible collagen casings, fibrous casings, animal proteins, food additives
  • YASIONA, Ukraine – manufacture of textile sausage casings


  • ADVERTISING MAGNET, Ukraine – packaging services
  • AVENTIN, Ukraine – manufacture of flexible packaging materials and printed bags
  • AYDIN MAKINE, Turkey – manufacture of paper converting machinery
  • BAK AMBALAJ, Turkey – printed, unprinted and laminated flexible packaging for various sectors
  • BOOMCUP, Ukraine – environmentally friendly paper utensils, printing services
  • BOSPHORUS-CENTRE, Ukraine – boilers, steam generators; laminating, slitting, and sheeting machines
  • BUSINESS-PARTNER, Ukraine – authorized distributor of 3M industrial adhesives and tapes in Ukraine
  • DOMINANTA, Ukraine – marking, inspecting, sorting, weighting equipment
  • DRUK-INVEST, Ukraine – flexographic services
  • EAST-SERVICE, Ukraine – manufacture of honeycomb cardboard sheets
  • EFFYTEC, Spain – horizontal pouch machinery for packaging in sachets and pouches
  • ELA FOLIE, Poland – manufacture of LDPE polyethylene film, embossed foils, etc.
  • ELO PACK, Ukraine – development and production of a whole range of packaging equipment
  • FOOD PACK SERVICE, Ukraine – packaging equipment, equipment and expendable materials for food processing enterprises and restaurants
  • FORMAK AMBALAJ, Turkey – equipment for preparation of beverages; PET and glass bottling lines and integrated systems
  • GLOVIS FLEX, Ukraine  – packaging materials and equipment 
  • HENRICH, Ukraine – CIJ, thermal transfer and laser marking systems including equipment for printing and applying labels
  • INTA, Ukraine – dispensers, semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines
  • INTERMASH, Ukraine – packaging equipment and technologies
  • ITAK, Ukraine – production of flexible polymer composite materials
  • JASA, the Netherlands – design and manufacture of vertical packaging machines for various food industry sectors
  • JOKEY UKRAINE TRADING, Ukraine – rigid plastic packaging with tight lids
  • LENSSEN TRADING COMPANY, the Netherlands – used machinery and equipment for food, beverage, canning, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging industries
  • MANULI UKRAINE – packaging equipment and materials for final stages of packaging
  • MASTER-PACK, Ukraine – production of polymeric and paper packaging materials for food processing industry, packaging equipment
  • MULTIVAC UKRAINE - sale of manufacturing, packaging, cutting and weight labeling equipment, consumables for meat and cheese production 
  • OMAG, Italy, Representative office in Ukraine – packaging equipment for food and other industries
  • OMELA, Ukraine – supply, start and maintenance of packaging and process equipment
  • OMORI EUROPE, the Netherlands – stretch and flow wrappers; innovative packaging designs and concepts 
  • OZSEYHAN MAKINA, Turkey – vertical packaging machines
  • PACKING TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – solutions development; production of filling, packaging and process equipment
  • PLASTICS-UKRAINE – distributor of European packaging materials
  • POLPAK, Ukraine  – polypropylene bread bags
  • POLYMER PRODUCTS PLANT, Ukraine – PET containers and preforms
  • POLIX GROUP, Ukraine – distribution of polystyrol, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene containers
  • PREMA POLSKA, Poland – representative of famous manufacturers of machines for converting and extrusion of the film
  • R.P.S., Ukraine – machines for packing food and non-food products: flow-pack machines, shrink machines
  • SISTEMA, Ukraine – industrial printers for nonimpact printing on products, thermal transfer systems, etc.
  • SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS, the Netherlands – total solutions in the field of solid board packaging
  • SPETZTEKHOSNASTKA, Ukraine – manufacture of sealed plastic containers in various shapes
  • STANCO GROUP, MNVK, Ukraine – equipment for liquid and viscous products filling into consumer packaging
  • TECHNOWAGY, Ukraine  – weighing equipment
  • TEHNIKA, EIC, Ukraine – equipment and materials for wrapping of loads on pallets, vacuum and shrink film packaging
  • TERMOIZOL-K, Ukraine – manufacture, sales, import and export of products made of foamed polyethylene and synthetic rubber
  • TRADE-PACK, Ukraine – manufacture of disposable polymeric food-packaging items under UkrPackLine TM
  • TURIYA, Ukraine – colorful printers and desk labelers; exclusive representative of PRIMERA Inc (USA) in the territory of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova
  • UKRSICH, Ukraine – manufacture of cardboard packages for various foods
  • Welpac Packaging Company, Hong Kong – flexible snack, beverage, frozen food packages
  • YUKON, UTC, Ukraine – industrial printers, labelling and coding systems, etc.


  • ALFA-HLIB, Ukraine – food ingredients for confectionery and baking industries
  • AUGUST, Ukraine – food ingredients for confectionery, baking, dairy industries
  • BAKITO, Ukraine – bakery and confectionery equipment, ingredients
  • BEST WAY FOODS, Ukraine – official and exclusive distributor of Barry Callebaut concern in Ukraine
  • ECO RESOURCE UKRAINE – production of natural colours and flavours for different food industry segments
  • FOOD TECHNOLOGY CENTER, Ukraine – manufacture of complex food additives, stabilizers, ingredients for food processing industry
  • FOREST, Ukraine – manufacture of food additives for meat processing
  • GOLDEN MILE, Trade House, Ukraine – a wide range of goods and integrated support services aimed at supplying and developing food industry enterprises
  • IMPRESS-LKB, Ukraine – food ingredients for baking industry
  • MOGUNTIA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – food ingredients for the production of meat, confectionery and bakery products
  • PROXIMA GmbH, JV, Ukraine – meat processing equipment, equipment for the production of sausages and meat products; seasonings and marinades
  • SAMSHIT, Ukraine – flavourings for all food industry sectors
  • SLOBOZHANSKY PRODUCT, Ukraine – manufacture of ingredients for bakery, confectionery and dairy industries
  • VTR, Ukraine – animal proteins, food additives


  • HLIBODAR, Ukraine – bread and bakery products
  • KULYNYCHIVSKYI Bakery Complex, Ukraine – bread and bakery, flour confectionery, frozen semi-finished products
  • KUZNETSOVSKYI  KHLIBOZAVOD, Ukraine – bread, bakery and flour confectionery products
  • RIGA BREAD, Ukraine natural yeastless sourdough breads
  • Sarnenskyi khlibozavod, Ukraine bread and bakery products
  • SHOCOLINO, Ukraine manufacture of souvenir and promotional chocolate products
  • SLOBOZHANSKY PRODUCT, Ukraine manufacture of fat-and-oil products under Dary Sontsia TM
  • ZABOTA, Ukraine confectionery, bakery and chocolate products under A’Delis TM


  • INSTITUTE OF FOOD RESOURCES at the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine – leading institution for scientific provision of innovative development of food processing industry of Ukraine
  • MILLERS OF UKRAINE, Ukraine – association of grain processing companies
  • NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – training of specialists for various economy sectors
  • UKRKHLIBPROM, Ukraine – association of bread baking industry enterprises
  • UKRKONDPROM, Ukraine – association of confectioneries, concentrates, coffee, tea manufacturers
  • UKRMOLPROM, Ukraine – national association of milk producers
  • UKRMYASO, Ukraine – national association of meat and meat product makers
  • UNION OF BUSINESS AUTOMATION, Ukraine – public organization that unites professionals in the field of business automation


  • BREAD AND CONFECTIONERY BUSINESS, Ukraine – highly specialized magazine for the bakery and confectionery industries and allied segments
  • BRUTTO, Ukraine – professional edition about grocery market of Ukraine and CIS, about the latest technologies
  • HARCHOVYK, Ukraine – newspaper about the most important and actual events of different food industry segments
  • INFORMBUSINESS, Ukraine – All for Food Processing Industry catalogue, food industry web-portals
  • MARKO PACK, Ukraine – Advertising and information agency publishing World of Food and World of Packaging magazines
  • MEAT BUSINESS, Ukraine – magazine for meat processing enterprises, supermarket meat shops, other related segments
  • PRINT+, Ukraine  – publisher of the leading Ukrainian magazine and catalogues for printing and packaging industries
  • SMART CAPITAL, Ukraine – publisher of FOOD.UA. Products of Ukraine and FOOD Technologies & Equipment
  • UPAKOVKA, Ukraine - specialized magazine for producers and consumers of packaging industry market

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